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The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Contest

This international, folk-oriented songwriting contest is held in conjunction with the 16th Annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, held in Woody’s hometown of Okemah, Oklahoma, each July. This year’s Festival dates are July 9-13, 2014.

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2013 Songwriting Contest Winners

1st place

Paddy Mills, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Song: "Bayside Massacre"

Paddy will perform Thursday at 7pm at the Pastures of Plenty

2nd place

Kim Gentry, Oxford, Georgia

Song: "How I Wanna Be"

Kim will perform Friday at 10:45am at the Crystal Theatre

3rd place

Dan Weber, Vancouver, Washington

Song: "What I'm Looking For"

Dan will perform Saturday at 10:45am at the Crystal Theater

Honorable Mentions in no particular order:

Kendra Swanson, Oregon, IL  “When I see your Tower Fall”

Mike Callaway, Burleson, TX  “ Hard Working Dog”

Dan Weber, Vancouver, WA  “ Oh Woody”

Chrissie Natoli, Dale, TX          “ Dear Joshua”

Darden Pierce, Oklahoma City, OK  “ The Stranger (Red River Blood)”

Tom Maringer, Springdale, AR    “Otterhead”

Dana Hubbard, Amarillo, TX      “ Miles Kinda Mood”, “The Archaeologists”

Hank Woji, Terlingua, TX       “When the Waves Come Crashing Over the Wall”

Dan Sullivan, Richland, MI   “ I Wish Woody Guthrie Was Here”



2012 Songwriting Contest Winners

1st place

Nancy Haney, Gray Court, South Carolina

Song: "The Way it is"

2nd place

Jared Hard, Sand Springs, OK

Song: "Names"

3rd place

Mary Munsey, Abingdon, VA

Song: "Nothin’ New"

Honorable Mentions

“Manifest Destiny” Alan Frazier, Sulphur, OK
“Long Day” Alicia McGovern, Salt Lake City, UT
“Tupelo” Jack Presbury, Harrisonburg, VA
“I’ll Come Home” Jared Hard, Sand Springs, OK
“When Angels Stop and Stare” Dana Hubbard, Colusa, CA
“Veterans Day” Eric Neill, Lindsay, OK
“A Fiddle With a Broken String” Tom Smith, Dedham, MA
“Superman” Tim Justice, Clayton, NM.
“Ain’t Got no Home” Rick Hart, McKinney, TX
“Springhill” Brian Vardigans, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

2011 Songwriting Contest Winners

1st place

Greg Engle, Austin, Texas

Song: "Woody’s Ghost"

2nd place

Jim Rice, Winter Park, Florida

Song: "Thomas Edison’s Return"

3rd place

Steve Chizmadia, Peekskill, NY

Song: "Song for Pete"

Honorable Mentions

“Hard Times”, Farrel Droke
“Jon T. Hammer”, Jared Hard
“Sky Blue Eyes”, Robert “Bob” Ray
“Sweet Land of Eden”, Jim Dudley
“Daddy’s Little Girl”, Ellen Bukstel
“Banks of the Washita”, Eric Neill
“Everywhere Around the World”, Jim Hepler

  • 2010 Songwriting Contest Winners

    1st place

    Mary Munsey, Abington, Virginia

    Song: "Nine Days Old"

    2nd place

    Andrea Turner, Jenks, Oklahoma

    Song: "Family Tree"

    3rd place

    Maurice Baker, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

    Song: "Hard Traveling Man"

    Honorable Mentions

    Chris Kokesh, for "Oklahoma Bound"
    Steve Chizmadia, for "The Wall Street Fat-Cat Taxpayer Bailout Blues"
    Cathy Covert Jensen, for "Granny Woman"
    Mary Munsey, for "Time to Go"
    Gwyneth Moreland, for "Lexington Ballad"
    Allen Cridlebaugh, for "Small Town USA"
    Alicia McGovern, for "I'll Keep Tryin"
    Robin Sengupta, for "Blue Whale"
    Scott Lee, for "Freedoms Call"
    Lisa Byrn, for, "Dancin on my Daddy's Feet"
    Peter Chase, for "Talkin HMO Blues"
    Teresa Black, for "The Wreck of Rock Island number 12"
    Peter H.D. McKee, for "Pete Got Us Singin"
    Chrissie Natoli, for "My Home, My Dream"
    Marc Marshall Brisson, for "Back to Oklahoma (to Woody and Merle)"