2014 Songwriting Contest Winners


1st Place: Ode to Guy Clark”

Lori Holyfield - Springdale, Arkansas


2nd Place: “Hank and Jesus”

Dan Weber - Vancouver, Washington


3rd place: “Precious Water”

Sara Thomsen - South Range, Wisconsin



These next two songs made this year almost too close to call, so I call them first and second runners up!


“St. Clair County”, Jodee Lewis

“Race to the Bottom”, Paddy Mills


Honorable mentions, in no particular order:


“God Bless the 501c4”, Lenny Solomon

“My Best Friend”, Lori Holyfield

“The Key of You and Me”, D.C. Bloom

“Indiana Road”, Michael Henchman

“Family”, Lauren Heintz

“He Deserves the Hat”, Jane Fallon

“The Soul of Woody Guthrie”, Jim Tilly

“The Ghost of Woody Guthrie”, Tommy Wells

“One Hell of a Ride”, Darden Pierce

“Holly Sycamore”, Stefanie Fix

“Woody’s Reunion”, Mike Ichniowski

“It’s Just a Train”, John Deviny